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Less fat = better sex. Why?

Hyperlipidemia is when there is too much fat in the blood, which comes from eating a high fat diet. This doesn't just affect men. Women with hyperlipidemia have significantly lower arousal, lubrication, orgasm and satisfaction⁠1. Eating fatty food causes our blood vessels to stiffen and makes the heart have to work extra hard to pump blood to the body. Even after one fatty meal, such as chicken and cheese in one study, the blood vessels become measurably stiffer a few hours later⁠2. When blood vessels, arteries and veins are more elastic, blood is able to move more freely and the heart does not have to work as hard.

In addition to stiffening the blood vessels, fatty foods also cause build up in the blood vessels. In fact, the blood vessels going to the penis⁠3 and clitoris⁠4 are some of the smallest in the body. So, long before a person sees signs of heart disease, they will notice that sexual pleasure and function⁠5 decline⁠6s. In fact, men who are diagnosed with ED in their 40’s are 50 times more likely to develop Coronary artery disease⁠7. The good news is that even after damaging blood vessels with high fat, changes in diet can help normalize blood flow to the genitals⁠8.

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